What a Bride can expect in her Wedding Cake Tasting

What a Bride can expect in her Wedding Cake Tasting

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What a Bride can expect in her Wedding Cake Tasting


Congratulations you are going to get married !!! Let’s start with the wedding planning… date of the wedding, dress, location, guest list and the “Wedding Cake”. Yes, beside the bride the cake is the next most important thing in a wedding. Do you know that the design of the cake is based on the style, colors and theme of the wedding? Because of the is that is very important each bride do a cake tasting. Normally they are schedule from 1 year to 6 months before the wedding. Pastry Chefs or Bakers will ask for some information before the tasting like food allergies, favorite flavors from their menu and the number of guest. This will be the most exiting 30 to 50 minutes of your wedding planning process!!!

The cake tasting will consist in some flavors already choose by the Chef pastry or Baker with filling flavors too. Sometime those flavors can be selected before the tasting (that’s in the consideration and approval of the Chef Pastry or Baker). Sometimes is better that only the bride and the groom assist to the tasting so they don’t get confuse or stress with other people favorite selection of flavor. Remember is the bride and the groom the ones who are suppose to select the flavors, style and theme of their own wedding cake.
Then the tasting begins!!! Is recommended that drink water in between the tasting instead of other liquid. Why? Because you will not mix flavors and it will help you to select the perfect flavor for your cake. Write dawn the cake flavor and filling that you and the groom like best. If for any reason both have different favorites you can have the option of order different flavor in your cake (that’s if you are having a tiered cake). But remember, this is something that some brides and grooms have to be careful with. Because maybe some guests will like to taste all the flavors available in your wedding and if you have a cake that is base on the exact quantity of people attending you will be short on cake. Unless you have a cake that is for more quantity of guest that the one that you have in your list and then they can have the option of eat more cake. Like I said: “Is better to have left over than run out of cake”.

Other point discuss in the tasting is the design of your cake. I recommend to bring pictures and pallet of colors of your wedding. Remember, the idea is that the Chef Pastry or Baker with the bride and groom create a unique design for this special date. You will select if the cake will be in buttercream or fondant. For that you need to take in consideration where the reception will take place (if it is a hot or humid area) so the cake won’t be affected. Don’t forget to discuss all questions that you have for the delivery, price and any statement in the contract that you will sign with the Pastry Chef or Baker.

The most important thing is that you and the groom enjoy this moment the most as you can because is very special and the memories of this process will stay forever with both of you… so make it count and Enjoy!!!


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