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Welcome to my Blog !!! I’m Rachelle and I am so happy you’re here. In my blog you will find that everything is real and nothing is perfect (Specially me !!!). I’m a human being like any of you and I know you will relate with many of my content because is REAL. The content in this blog will be Business, Life Style and Baking.  I will incorporate my unique point of view in each of my topics. I want to invite you to be part of this amazing community where you can find inspiration, tutorials, information, recipes and more. I know that each person has the ability of do amazing things in life we just need to be inspired. Hope that my Creative Vibes impact, motivate and help you in a positive way. So, let’s laugh, cry, chat, eat, drink, dream and learn together. Plus, all the content in my blog can be translated in any language. Find the Translate button and select your language. Join my community and subscribe to my email list. Don’t forget that you can share any content from this Blog. Thanks and let’s create amazing vibes…



Bienvenidos a mi Blog !!! Soy Rachelle y estoy muy feliz de que estés aquí. En mi blog encontrarás que todo es real y nada es perfecto (¡especialmente yo!). Soy un ser humano como cualquiera de ustedes y sé que se relacionarán con muchos de mis temas porque son REALES. Los temas en este blog serán Negocios, Estilos de Vida y Repostería. Incorporaré mi punto de vista en cada uno de mis temas. Quiero invitarte a ser parte de esta increíble comunidad donde puedes encontrar inspiración, tutoriales, información, recetas y más. Sé que cada persona tiene la capacidad de hacer cosas increíbles en la vida, solo necesitamos ser inspirados. Espero que mis Vibraciones Creativas impacten, motiven y te ayuden de manera positiva. Por lo tanto, vamos a reír, llorar, conversar, comer, beber, soñar y aprender juntos. Además, todo el contenido de mi blog se puede traducir en cualquier idioma. Encuentra el botón de Traducir y selecciona tu idioma. Únete a mi comunidad y suscríbete a mi lista de correo electrónico. No olvides que puedes compartir cualquier contenido de este Blog en otras redes sociales como Facebook, Instagram y Pinterest. Gracias …

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Episode 9 – Season #2


The Imposter Syndrome

It is this episode we will be talking about a syndrome which many people have deal with or are dealing without knowing…the Impostor Syndrome. We will talk about what is this syndrome, how to recognize if you have it and possible ways to deal with it. Do not forget that both Rachelle and Mirtha are not doctors or specialists of any kind. Only people who have dealt with this syndrome and are only providing possible advice to recognize and manage it. It is your decision to handle any situation in your life the way you best understand and feel it is right for you. For more information go to the Menu here in my Web page and select “Business” and you will  find the post related  to this content. Thanks for tuning in!

Post: How to deal  with the Imposter Syndrome


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Episodio 9 -Temporada #2

Síndrome del Impostor

Es este episodio estaremos hablando de un síndrome el cual muchas personas han lidiado o están lidiando sin saberlo…es el Síndrome del Impostor. Hablaremos sobre que es este síndrome, cómo reconocer si usted lo tiene y posibles maneras de lidiar con él. No olviden que tanto Rachelle como Mirtha no son doctoras o especialistas de ninguna índole. Solo personas que han lidiado con este síndrome y solo están brindándoles posibles consejos para reconocerlo y manejarlo. Es su decisión de manejar cualquier situación en sus vidas de la manera que usted mejor entienda y sienta que es la adecuada para usted. Para mas informacion relacionada a este tema pueden ir al Menu y seleccionar “Business” y encontraran un post relacionado a este tema. ¡Gracias por sintonizar!

Post: “Como lidiar con el Síndrome del  Impostor”

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How to schedule your weekly Baking Orders

Have you ever feel overwhelm, exhausted, wanting to through the towel in your home base baking business? Are you one of those Bakers that spend until 3am doing a cake the night before the delivery? If you are let me tell you that you are not the only one. The baking business is not easy but you can do some things that can help you to make your week more easy and less stressful. Plus, you wont be staying up late finishing a cake for the next day.

Please remember that what work for one person sometimes does not work for another person and that’s ok. In my case I’m a home Baker, full time job lady, Mom, Wife and more. The tips that I provide in this post are the ones that work with my weekly personal schedule. I don’t run my life around my baking business… I run and create my schedule around my family and work schedule. I just try to do the best I can so I can create that time so I can work with my cake orders each wee. My weekly schedule is like this:


• Do the shopping
• Answer all my email (Quotes, Questions…etc.)


• Bake my cakes
• Then wrapped the cakes and frozen them
• Can start some decorations in advance during the cooking time


• Create my buttercream
• Create and/or coloring my fondant
• Cover my boards id needed
• Add ribbon to boards
• -Create Cake Decorations


• Pull cakes out, torte them and fill them
(You can let them settle for 1 hour if you want)
• Crumb the cake (first and 2nd layer of buttercream or chocolate Ganache) then save them in the fridge so they can get a hard consistency
• Cover them (with buttercream or Fondant)
• Begin the decoration of the cake if it’s is an intensive design if not can wait until next day if you want


• Cover the Cake with Fondant or Buttercream if you didn’t do it the day before.
• Decorate the cake totally
• Verify your email in case the customer sends any notification or changes in the delivery specifications


• Final details on the cake
• Take photos of you cake at home
• Contact the Customer for any changes and deliver your Cake
• Have my MAGIC BOX (where I have anything, I need for fixing my cake in case any accident happened)
• Take pictures of your cake in the venue too… sometimes they have amazing décor and that can give you better pictures


• In case I have an order for this day I will finalize decorating details
• Take pictures at home and at the Venue
• Contact my Customer for any change and deliver my cake
• Create my shopping list for the thing I need that week
• If you don’t have orders for Sunday …Rest !!!


Next I will give some Tips that can help with your weekly schedule too

• Always have separate refrigerators (one for your cakes and one for your family food) this will help to avoid transfers of smells, contamination and if I’m correct that’s a requirement by Cottage Laws in every state. (for more info I recommend to verify your Cottage laws in your State and County).
• Don’t forget to arrive no less than 30 minutes before your delivery hour…you never know if you need to deal with any situation.
• Don’t forget to bring your business cards so you can live them there for promoting yourself (free Marketing).
• Always have your hair up and look Presentable (Remember you are the face of your business and you can meet your next customer there).
• Don’t be up later than 11:00pm on Friday nights so you can be rested for the delivery next day.
• Organize your equipment and baking materials so you can have everything accessible for you… that will help with your time management.
• All communication with clients try to have them in writing. This will serve as proof in case of any situation or claim.


Hope this tips can help you in your weekly baking schedule… don’t forget that you are the priority #1 in your business ! Plus, always have a clear and professional communication with your clients and business partners.