What can you do to be more productive in your Business

What can you do to be more productive in your Business

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What can you do to be more productive in your Business

Have you had those days when you fell like you cannot do more? That your brain is blocked, nothing come out of it? You feel stressful, tired and with pressure because the work is not done? I have them trust me and they are not easy!!! I felt unproductive and disappointed on myself. But then I realize that I’m a human being and that mean that I’m not perfect. There’s things that we can do to help us to get out of that space and start been creative again. One thing you can do is change your routine in every aspect. For example:

1. You can change your mornings and do exercise, yoga, running, spinning or any other type of exercise so you can be more relax when you finish and then take a bath. You will feel more energetic and like with a power to embrace the day that you didn’t have before.

2. If your work allows you change your workspace. That can help dramatically and can bring to you more inspiration and different points of view at the same time.

3. Embrace your work by doing your tasks in way that you loved. You need to enjoy your work so you can be productive. You can use music or change the view to one that you like more. Try to in between all the task that you need to do during the day you select one that you really enjoy every time you do it. That will make you to embrace your day and continue with energy. For example, if you have 10 tasks that has to be complete and there’s 1 or 2 that you really like to do them put them in your schedule in between hours that you know you feel tired, bored, or stressful. That way those tasks will help you to get in track again.

4. Create a list of priorities the ones that have urgency. Emphasis on those tasks first so at the end of the day you’re not stress out because some of those tasks you didn’t complete them and they were supposed to be done that day.

5. Use a planner and writhe everything before the week start so you can organize and prepare better for your week routine.

Life can get crazy and hectic and stressful… when you just want to scream and leave everything… Don’t do it… You know that you can and there’s nothing that can stop you because you are the Best…

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