What not to do if you want to get Promoted

What not to do if you want to get Promoted

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What not to do if you want to get Promoted

You know that as a professional there’s a lot of things that any person will like or dream to achieve and one of them is getting promoted. Getting the opportunity of been promoted means different things like more responsibility, have to engage more in your work, sometimes be part of a different team, a raise in your sallary and a higher-level job title. There are things that you can do that will help you to get promoted but there’s other things that can eliminate that opportunity for you and some are:

1. “That’s not part of my job description”
When a person just says that and don’t see the opportunity on it…that person is only limiting them self. Is nit that you have to spend a lot of hours doing overtime or taking more work. Is taking an opportunity that’s is there so you can show that you have the best interest for your company, co-worker and even you. Is showing that you want to be that person that is really engaging and you will se as a helper and as a “go-to” person and that’s not bad. You will get notice by other member in the company and that’s something good.

2. You only see the problem
In any job there will be a lot of situations that will make your work difficult or bring new problems that can not let your job be done in certain way or time frame. You can not be the person that only bring in “the problem” in meetings, reunions, conferences all the time. Think out of the box and try to bring possible solutions. Normally a Supervisor will give advice to their employees so they can get through any problem but they prefer if the employee can think the solution for that problem.

3. Don’t know you job
At the beginning is normal that you need to learn how to do and perform your job but is expected that with the time and practice you learn how to do it. You need to show ownership of your work and demonstrate that you can be a person that can work alone and don’t need to be in a team. Committing the same mistakes all the time is only make you look that you are not interested in learning your job or sometime can even been seeing that you are in a wrong position. This doesn’t mean that you can’t make mistakes…we are all humans and that’s ok. If you don’t understand how to do certain tasks you can ask for a retraining so you get all those questions answers and can do a better job. Put interest in what you do and never stop learning.

4. You expect to be Rewarded
We all know that be rewarded and acknowledge is amazing but that can not be your rule. You have to do your job and even give that extra mile without expecting been rewarded. Let your job work speak for you and be confidence. Be professional, motivated and your accomplishments will be noticed.

5. Don’t be a Drama-Queen or Drama-King
There’s no thing worst than be the drama queen or drama king in your work. If you are the employee that just like to be in your boss office bring in to him drama creating drama in your work environment you will be the problem. Don’t complain, don’t start gossip, don’t be the hatter…that just will put you more far of getting promoted.

Remember that never get the assumption that you will get that promotion or you deserved it. Put your self out there, get notice, do a good job so it speaks for you, get involve, ask what you can do, have ownership, ask for opportunities to be part of something new and create. Sometimes is not you, or the quality of your work and you cannot control your company decisions. Don’t forget that your work performance is evaluated in different ways and you need to take responsibility of your career. Because no one will give you a promotion if you haven’t work for it.

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