Episode 008

Episode 008

Rachelle August 17, 2018 No Comments

Description: The Business Behind Sprinkles with Special Guest Liz from Sprinkle Pop

Do you have the guts to start your very own business?? In this episode of The Bakers Lounge Podcast Mirtha and Rachelle will be having chatting with their special guest Elizabeth Butts the Founder and CEO of Sprinkle Pop. This episode will be all about The Business of Sprinkles and how Liz turned her passion for baking into a full-on Sprinkles company in under a year! This will be a fun episode full of Sugar and Sparkle, but like we all know not everything that shines are sweet, being an entrepreneur is difficult. So, we’ll also be finding out how Liz stays motivated every day to crush her goals and how she overcomes business hardship. This will be a wonderful and inspiring episode. Come join us, we hope to inspire and motivate you to be a badass entrepreneur, just like Liz!

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