Episode 9 – Season #2

Episode 9 – Season #2

Rachelle December 28, 2018 No Comments


The Imposter Syndrome

It is this episode we will be talking about a syndrome which many people have deal with or are dealing without knowing…the Impostor Syndrome. We will talk about what is this syndrome, how to recognize if you have it and possible ways to deal with it. Do not forget that both Rachelle and Mirtha are not doctors or specialists of any kind. Only people who have dealt with this syndrome and are only providing possible advice to recognize and manage it. It is your decision to handle any situation in your life the way you best understand and feel it is right for you. For more information go to the Menu here in my Web page and select “Business” and you will  find the post related  to this content. Thanks for tuning in!

Post: How to deal  with the Imposter Syndrome


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