Parenting tips that I learn since I’m a Mom

Parenting tips that I learn since I’m a Mom

Rachelle March 23, 2018 No Comments

Parenting tips that I learn since I’m a Mom

Children’s are amazing and they bring love and happiness to our lives. At the same time with them comes responsibilities, challenges, patience development and understanding. I have the privilege of being a mom and there a lot of things that I learn and some are:

Understand my children’s in every aspect.
They have unique personalities and each of them learn, grow, eat, cry, smile and more in their own way. They can be similar but never the same. So never compare them with siblings or any other kid.

Listening to them every moment.
You will learn a lot of your kids just by listening to them. Let them talk to you and see that you are there for them. That you are not just their parents you are a friend too. So, when they tell you what they eat at school, which new game they play, if they have a new friend and more you are finally knowing your kids and it will be easier for both of you.

Never spoil them
When you spoil a kid that’s the perfect path to make them demanding and ungrateful. They will no have self-control and will never understand the value of things. Never substitute presents for presence. Our kids need us, they need our time. I know is difficult when we are working, dealing with the shores and more. But they will be more happy kids if they spend time with you. They need to understand the some times is ok when mom and dad say NO….

Make them fell Awesome !!!
Try to say amazing things to them every time you can. Like ” You are amazing, Mom and Dad loves you, I’m so proud of you, Thanks for your help, You are very important to me, I will always be here for you, You are smart” and more. Trust me your kids will needs to hear those things. They will feel more secure about them self and happier. By doing that you are recognizing that they are amazing and that we not only see when they make mistakes.

Its ok that everything is not Perfect
When you have kids, nothing is the same and we need to understand that. Your house is not going to be clean and organize always. That you will not be on time each birthday party, family reunion, eating dinner and more. That it is more important to spend time with your kids and leave the laundry for later. So, don’t worry and try to see the best part of it. You have the privilege of being a parent and that’s Perfect !!!

Parenting is not easy and you will never be the perfect parent and “That’s OK” you just have to try to do your best !!!

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