Tips for Summer Travel

Tips for Summer Travel

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Tips for Summer Travel

Yes …Summer it’s here!!! What better thing that start preparing our selves for traveling. But for that its good to prepare our self’s. I know there’s people that don’t like to plan anything and just go with the flow. But if you are like me… you like to be prepared and for me that works. Here are some tips for prepare your self for travel this summer.
1. Who’s going?- Are you going alone? Is your partner gong with you? Are you taking the kids with you? Those are some important questions that you need to ask your self before start planning you travel adventure. Depending on these answers is how you can move to the next step.

2. Have a budget- Now that you know who is going you can start verifying the budget that you have available. If it is only you verify the amount that you save already for your vacations. Remember that is a smart move to create a saving plan for this and not put it on your credit cards. That’s something maybe you will regret at the end. If you are going with your partner and /or with your kids, verify that budget to see if it is something that you can afford to do or is better to wait until Christmas, so you have a bigger budget.

3. Create a list of places that you like to travel- Make a list of places that you will like to go. But if you are not going alone then do that list together and see which the options are. Then verify the budget that you or all of you need to travel to that destination and see if it in your budget. Then decide where you can so you can move to the next step.

4. Do your homework- Verify what you need for getting there, if there’s any reservations that you need to do before your arrival, verify the season (if it is hot, cold, rainy) so you have a better idea of what you can expect when you get there.

5. Pack Smart- Now that you know the season you can start writing a list of the things that you need to pack. Try to be smart and travel light so it easier and less stressful. Create different outfits by selecting basic items that can go together. Then select some pairs of shoes that can go with almost all the outfits. The idea is that you don’t take all your closet with you. Do the same for your kids if they are traveling with you. Don’t forget that if you or any other person that is traveling with you have a medical condition that need some prescription, take them with you and the paperwork for those prescriptions. On important detail, pack your passport and any other paperwork that you need to take with you.

6. Prepare for unexpected situations- Remember that sometimes things happened and it better to be prepared. Is good to have a credit but always bring cash with you. Sometimes there’s situations and using your card is not an option so you need to have cash. Where to change your money to the currency of the destination country? And above all, where do I do it without being charged with incredible commissions? Those are question that you need to do to your self and verify the answers, so you can be prepared.

7. Let someone know- I know that sometimes we just want to go and nor say anything to anyone, so we can have that relaxion time that we want and need. But is better to just in case let someone know where you are going, place you are staying and how many days. Just in case of an emergency of any kind.

Don’t forget that traveling is supposed to relaxing and rewarding so make the best of it. And if doing these steps will help you then why not to do them? Have fun and enjoy those days because you deserved them!!!

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