Why Social Media is important for any Business?

Why Social Media is important for any Business?

Rachelle July 27, 2018 No Comments

Why Social Media is important for any Business?

Business are not easy and when you are sitting and thinking why your business is not growing and what can I do to help my business? The next questions that you suppose to ask your self is: I’m I doing the necessary things so my business grow and I can target the correct audience with the correct tools? If your answer is No or I don’t know then you have a big Problem!!!! But don’t worry the answers is simple and you have it in your surrounding very single day and is Social Media. According to Forbes, 94% of corporates are using social media and 85% said that it has given their business more exposure. So yes… exposure is the star in all this… And what better way than doing a marketing plan that target the correct audiences in less time and in a big way. For That you need to have exposure, be there in any way you can with Social Media Platforms and tools.

First you need to have a plan and organize all your ideas. I think that any business owner need to know:

  1. There Why? Why are you doing this, why you want to start this business?
  2. Need to know your Niche.
  3. Understands and learn which are your potential customers and how you can reach them. and create your Social Media strategy to reach them.
  4. With that info you can develop your Social Media Marketing Plan.

Business owners still asking them self what social media marketing can to do for me? Do I really need it? I can tell you, Yesssss you need it and it will help you!!!! And some of the reasons are:

1. Will drive targeted traffic – when you create content and promote your business in any social media platforms it will allow you to get to your targeted audience and convert them to customers. You need to select a topic for a specific promotion, find the phrases related and high searchable in google, plus your content needs to be epic and deep into details.

2. Social media marketing will help you to understand your audience – by being active in social media you will understand and know what your customers like, need, their hobbies, websites or pages they follow. That will give you a good idea of the services, goods they need and with that you can provide the correct product or services.

3. Social media will help you to get notice– If you have engagement in social media you will have many opportunities like built a relationship with your audience, find possible influencers and you can create a collaboration with companies or other business owners. All this can help your business in many ways.

4. Will help you slay your competition- Your competition is already on Social media… almost all of them are in more than one platform. That doesn’t mean that you need to be in all of them too. You need to search and see where your potential customers like to hang out…can be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more. You need to find witch of them fits better your business and understand that you need to compromise to those social media platforms because if not that won’t help your business in any way but can affect you.

5. Help you to find Potential Customers – you can find customers that are looking for information and products or services related to your business. For example, you can follow accounts and #tags related to your products or services and with that you can find those potential customers.

6. Can help you to launch new products and services– By doing chats on Twitter, sharing pictures, videos, doing lives on FB and Stories on IG + IGTV will allow you to launch your products and services. Plus, you can share polls with your audience and with that you can learn more about their needs.

7. Establishes you as an authority- When you show up on social media and share, like and comments, that improves your brand, leads, expertise and leadership.

8. Plus, Is fun!!!!

So, if you see Social media is the best way to connect with costumers, learn from them and grow your business!!!! What are you waiting for, START TODAY!!!

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